October 15/2020

It's every pool owners worst nightmare; algae. Algae often hits at the worst time, like on a long weekend, or just before a pool party. Battling a green pool can be a frustrating experience. Algae costs a lot of time, energy and money. What starts out as a cloudy pool can turn to a swap in a very short period of time (especially in the summer heat). Algae is a plant life and thrives in warm conditions. Warm weather is also the prime time for swimming. So, how can you get the upper hand and get back in the pool? Turning the pool from green to blue is actually possible if you follow these steps diligently. Consider how to get rid of algae in a pool and get the most out of your summer.

1. Shock. Chlorine based shock is guaranteed to kill algae. (Non-chlorine shocks will not be effective) The key is to add enough. Under dosing will only result in frustration and wasted product, so make sure that you are adding more than enough for the volume of your swimming pool. Always be sure to read the product label before applying any chemical to your pool. Based on the type of algae you may want to add the following amounts:
Green algae 2X regular dosage
Mustard algae 3X regular dosage
Black algae 4X regular dosage 

2. Algaecide. Using a heavy dose of algaecide is the second step to killing and eliminating the green. Chlorine alone may not keep algae at bay, and this step is needed to prevent future visible growth. Note that not all algaecides are equal. Only algaecides that have been approved by the PMRA for killing algae actually perform. Be sure to read the label carefully and ask a professional about the right algaecide for your type of algae.

3. Vacuum. Vacuuming is an effective way to physically remove visible algae from the water. Set the filter to 'waste' mode and focus on the worst areas of the pool. If there is large debris or leaves in the pool a net may prove more efficient for removing them. Even if the bottom of the pool is not visible, vacuuming blindly will still be beneficial as it will remove much of what is consuming the chlorine.

4. Brush. Frequent brushing will help prevent algae from clinging to surfaces and taking root. So brush daily is possible and concentrate on corners or other areas where algae tends to hide.

5. Shock again. In a very short period of time the initial shock treatment will be consumed by the algae. You may be surprised to find that there is no chlorine left in the pool within 24 hours. Repeated shocking will be mandatory to get rid of the algae. So don't skimp on the treatments. You may need to shock every day until the water is crystal clear. Shock often and shock with heavy doses.

6. Filter out the gunk. Dead algae will be floating through out the pool body and needs to be filtered out of the system. In fact, the pool may appear cloudy once the bulk of algae had been killed. Ensure that your pump and filter are running 24/7 to remove dead algae and fine particulate from the water. You may also use a filter enhancer or clarifier to accelerate this process.

7. Re-test your water. Testing your pool water daily is going to be the difference between getting ahead or getting frustrated. Algae reproduces at an incredible rate and can't be left unattended. Skipping a day of treatment is like taking one step forward and two steps back. Test often and then add the necessary chemicals and balancers to bring your pool back in order.

8. Chemically clean your filter. After all is said and done, your filter will be in need of a chemical cleaning. Algae, oils, and other organics can be clinging to the inside of your filter sand and cause problems down the road. The last thing you want after cleaning up your pool is a relapse! So give your filter a chemical treatment to remove unwanted grime.

Once your water is pristine get into a regular program of weekly pool maintenance. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Visit your local swimming pool professional for water testing, or ask us about our regular pool maintenance packages.

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