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How Often Should I Change My Pool, Swim Spa or Hot Tub Water?
March 22/2023

First, you must determine what equipment you are working with. Different tub and spa set ups will require different attention at different intervals. Factors like the size of the tub, the frequency of use, and even the temperature of the water all play a part.

Swim Spas

Swim spas can vary on how often the water should be changed. If the spa is being used regularly by a larger number of people the water should ideally be changed once every six months. If the swim spa is used sparingly, it can last up to nine or ten months between water changes. If you’re unsure of what your water needs and when, bring us a sample. Bona Vista Leisurescapes will conduct free water testing and we will let you know exactly what your swim spa, hot tub, or pool needs.

Hot Tubs

Hot tubs tend to require more frequent attention. The smaller tub and hotter temperature can lead to bacterial growth. It is important to completely change out your hot tub water at least once a season (typically every four months). However, this is just a guideline. Keep an eye on the quality of the water. If it begins to cloud, smell, or starts to feel oily, it’s time for a water change - regardless of how long ago your last change was. 


Because of their size, pools can last the longest between water changes. A pool only requires its water to be replaced once every five to seven years! Ideally, this should be done in mild weather to protect your pool surface from the harsh elements. Draining an entire pool can be a massive undertaking. We highly recommend contacting professional pool technicians to tackle this chore for you.

Good Practices

Changing out the water of your swim spa, pool, or hot tub can be onerous. It’s natural to want to extend times between water changes as much as possible. To that end, we have some basic practices and suggestions that can help you keep your water clean for as long as possible.

  1. Shower before entering the water. The oils and residue on our skin is the leading cause of the water becoming murky or unhygienic. Even substances you might typically think of as ‘clean’ like soap or skin cream can still contribute to the problem. So, make sure to take a quick rinse before getting into your hot tub, swim spa, or pool.
  2. Covers protect the water. Always be sure to cover your swim spa or hot tub when not in use. The obvious reason is that the cover will prevent debris, animals, and contaminants from entering the water. But additionally, regular use of your cover will prevent water evaporating and help to maintain the proper chemistry balance of your spa.
  3. Use the proper additives. Products such as bromine tablets or drain prep can help keep your swim spa or hot tub cleansed. Bona Vista Leisurescapes has a full line of Backyard Brand products specifically designed to maintain the clarity and cleanliness of your water. We can even schedule product deliveries to keep the process as simple as possible.

We hope with these insights, keeping your pool, swim spa, or hot tub water clean will become that much easier. And never forget, the help of Bona Vista Leisurescapes is only ever a call or a click away.

To learn more about choosing the right spa for your home, download our free buyer’s guide !

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