June 04/2023

Soothe your soul and better your body this summer with your very own Swim Spa. Having your own Swim Spa can bring a new level of enjoyment and serenity to your summer. With their affordable price, compact design, and multiple features Swim Spas can evolve your backyard into your own personal retreat. Read on to learn more about these terrific installations and all the benefits they can bring.

Convenient Size

A regular in-ground pool can measure around 18 x 36 feet. If you have a smaller backyard, that size can take up the majority of your space leaving you with little room for anything else. Measuring on average 8 x 16 feet, a Swim Spa is the perfect alternative. This compact size allows you more options as to where to install it, while still allowing you more swimming room than a hot tub.

A Swim Spa can be installed in-ground or above ground. And, since they take up less space, they can be installed on a back deck or even indoors!

Simple Maintenance

Maintaining a Swim Spa is relatively simple. The products needed are much the same as those for a full-size pool, but with their compact size maintenance will take you a fraction of the time. Some Swim Spa models even come with internal sanitizing systems such as Ozonators or HydroClean filtration jets, which cuts down on the amount of maintenance needed.

Effortless Exercise

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is that much easier with a Swim Spa at home. Swimming and general exercise in water are terrific ways to improve your cardiovascular health, strengthen muscles, and resistance training, all with low impact on your joints. Exercising in water also helps to maintain a comfortable body temperature and lowers your heart rate. It’s an ideal setup for people of all fitness levels and abilities.

Depending on the model and type, Swim Spas can also come equipped with a jetted hydrotherapy seat to help soothe and relax your muscles after your water workout.

Use All Year

Unlike a full-sized pool, Swim Spas are meant to operate year-round! No waiting for the right weather, no sharing lanes at a public pool. You can enjoy the benefits of your Swim Spa any time, any day, all year long.

Easier Payment

On top of all the other benefits, one of the most appreciated features of a Swim Spa is the lower cost. Swim Spas are considerably cheaper to install and maintain than a full-sized pool, while still keeping many of the rewards.

Even at the lower price point, it’s always worth discussing your cost preferences with us at BonaVista Leisurescapes. There are often sales and financing options you can take advantage of. Even now until June 15th, you can save up to $6,000 on select in-stock Swim Spas! Visit our Swim Spa webpage to learn more!


This is the summer to start swimming in your very own Swim Spa. Create a beautiful and functional retreat on your property. With an affordable, convenient, multi-use Swim Spa, you’ll soon be hoping every vacation can be a staycation. Contact us today to start your own backyard transformation!

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