April 21/2023

Spring is officially here and pool owners everywhere are keen to open their pools and get ready for all that summer swimming. But before you do, there are some elements to consider.

When exactly is the right time to open your inground pool?

The answer can vary depending on where you live, what physical state your pool is in, and how quickly you want to start swimming. However, the general rule of thumb is based on temperature.


Once daytime temperatures are consistently above 20 degrees Celsius it’s time to open the pool!

Curious as to why? Learn more about the reasons for this below:

Avoiding Algae

Too much sunlight coming through a covered pool will breed algae and make it that much harder to clean. Warmer temperatures breed algae, which is unsightly, slimy, and hard to get rid of. If you open your pool a little earlier in the season, you’ll avoid having to deal with it.

Nature Keeps Us Guessing

Mother Nature often plays tricks on us. If April temperatures happen to hit summer-like highs, as they did recently in some areas, you and your family will want to be able to take advantage of the warm weather to take a dip in the pool. Always worth remembering that when you open your pool sooner, you’ll be able to enjoy it for that much longer!

Avoid Pollen Buildup

Pollen can wreak havoc on pool water that’s not circulating. If pollen is allowed to get into the pool water and just sit there, it will be more difficult to clean later on. Pools that are open and circulating will keep pollen from turning your pool yellow.

Less Expensive

People may hesitate to open their pool early because of the extra expense but chemical and electrical costs are nominal if you have a saltwater pool or a two-speed motor on your filter system. The cost of an early opening may also be minimal compared to the extra chemicals and cleaning required if you open your pool later in the season when it’s had more time for dirt and grime to accumulate.

Avoid the Summer Heat

When summer actually gets here, we know you’ll want to be able to just hop into the pool right away. Open early and you won’t waste those gorgeous summer days standing in the heat, removing debris, and measuring chemicals.

Room for Repairs

When you first uncover your pool, you may spot signs of damage such as tears in the liners, busted decking, and loose hand railings. By opening your pool early, you’ll have lots of time to have these issues addressed before the summer swimming season arrives.

Backyard Beauty

A swimming pool that’s open and running adds to the outdoor ambiance. The average person spends more time on the patio than they do in the pool. So, the sooner the pool is open, the sooner you, your family, and your friends can enjoy the beauty of your backyard investment.


We hope these insights help ease your pool opening process and get you in the water as soon as possible!

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