Hydropool SWIM SPAS
We offer four options for a swim spa at BonaVista. At our Leaside showroom in Toronto, we can help guide you to the best swim spa to meet your needs and budget. We all know how it can be living in the big city with limited outdoor space and a Hydropool Swim Spa is designed to bring water to all backyard spaces. Installation is easy and we make delivery and set-up a breeze!

Swim spas are designed around a swim current that is created by powerful jet pumps, which produce a flat and uplifting water flow to allow swimmers to move continuously up to 13km/hr without turning. The degree of resistance is variable and typically controlled by a dial so that swimmers can determine their own pace. Swim spas are fun and safe for all ages, shallow enough for most children and non–swimmers, yet deep enough to satisfy the most serious swimmer, jogger, water aerobics enthusiast and triathlete. Having a swim spa at home is ideal for those whose needs are centered on a healthy lifestyle. Swimming is a low impact exercise that can help improve cardiovascular health and the ability to perform this exercise in a swim spa, whether gently in place or more rigorously against a swift current, is convenient in many ways. This ‘mini-gym’ also has a built-in ability to relax afterwards in a jetted hydrotherapy seat (depending on type and model or the swim spa).

Save up to $6,000 on a SWIM SPA!
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