Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting creates warmth, glow, mood and atmosphere. Make your outdoor living space unique and create the perfect outdoor environment to relax, recharge and enjoy life. At BonaVista in Leaside, Toronto we offer in-lite outdoor lighting. In-lite is a high quality LED light source that will let your enjoy, see and be proud of your outdoor space no matter what time of day or season. In-lite specializes in the design and manufacture of fashionable lighting for outdoor living areas and public spaces. The high-quality, Dutch design is energy efficient, durable, easy, flexible and comes with a 5-year warranty. In-lite outdoor lighting is low voltage, 12 volts, and is safe and easy to install yourself. The cutting-edge product range is also easy to modify and expand.

In-lite gears their products to the needs of contemporary gardens, offering clients a choice of top-quality fixtures for every application and setting. In-lite offers ground lights, bollards, wall lights and outdoor spotlights. The low-voltage in-lite system is durable, user-friendly, safe, and quickly installed. You can create a professionally installed outdoor lighting system in just five easy steps.

The great concept about inlite is that you can start with the features in your yard that you want to highlight first and then add other light fixtures one by one as you become inspired.

Create tone, mood & atmosphere with the addition of lighting to your outdoor living space. Your backyard, patio, deck, garden or pool area to will come to life, acting as a calm and peaceful invitation to stay outside even after the sun sets. Stop by our Retail Store in Toronto and become inspired on how outdoor lighting belongs in your outdoor living space.

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