About Executive Series

The all-new Executive Series Swim Spa is the perfect combination of a hot tub, swim spa and aquatic gym all-in-one unit. Featuring two multi-hydrotherapy massage seats and the first swim spa to feature fully programmable treadmill technology, the Executive Series Self-Cleaning Swim Spa is designed to provide a better volume, less turbulence, and a more predictable swim. Value packed, with many optional add-ons to truly customize your spa, the Hydropool Executive Swim Spa is the perfect family pool and currently the largest available on the market, providing you with more space to swim, jog, exercise or relax.

Built with superior adjustability for all user levels from novice to advanced, the Executive Series Swim Spa allows you to customize and take control of your swim with the ability to simultaneously adjust the speed of each twin jet from 0-10 mph. The patented current collector technology eliminates turbulence created by any diversion of water, allowing you to solely focus on your swim experience.

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Executive Trainer Swim Spa

The Hydropool V-Twin Jet

Form Smart Swim Goggles

The Hydropool 19 EX Trainer

The streamlined shell design is tapered to force water towards the back of the swim spa and allows water to flow unobstructed towards the current collector. Fully programmable AquaPro controls have two user programs, Hill Climb and Interval training options, and easily allow you to track your speed, distance, calories burned and length of the workout. For families, the Executive Series Swim Spa is the perfect place to teach children how to swim as well as enjoy some quality family time together.

Featuring patented V-Twin jets, The Executive Series Swim Spa delivers the smoothest and most predictable swim current in the entire industry. The advanced jet technology offers 6 times less turbulence and a 6 times more predictable swim by utilizing 4 cutting edge features – a current collector which calms the water, swim fins in the flow accelerator, a second flow chamber to straighten water flow and a specialized swim nozzle that produces a laminar effect coming out of the jet.

For a perfect pool, perfect swim, perfect home gym and perfect water park, the only choice is a Hydropool swim spa. To see one in action, visit our Leaside Showroom in Toronto or book a wet test.